A Trip to the Future

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Host: The School of Life
Location: Multiple venues, begin at Old Street tube station, London EC1Y 1BE
Speaker: Ben Hammersley


'We are living through a revolution on a par with the renaissance, or the Enlightenment. We are living through the greatest revolution ever seen in the potential for human achievement and human connection.' – Ben Hammersley

We seem to be hurtling ever faster into the future. More and more people try to tell us what it will look like. But is there a way to actually visit it? Or better still, to help shape the realities that are yet to come?

World-leading futurist Ben Hammersley will be our guide on this day-long trip to the future. We will be based – of course – in and around TechCity, the UK's answer to Silicon Valley. However this day won't just be focused on the latest trend, technology or gadget. Our hope, by peering behind the laboratory doors of London's East End creative quarter, will be to get to the heart of the future those currently building it would actually like to see happen.

During the day we'll visit studios and micro-factories, and meet the people who are creating the world the rest of us will come to know. We’ll investigate yesterday’s visions of tomorrow to ask whether our cities are shaped more by nostalgia than future-vision. We’ll visit shops and markets to discover how our changing understanding of complexity and communication is opening up new possibilities for commerce and social change. And we'll peer into a number of different possible futures in order to clarify our own future priorities. We can’t predict the future. But we can promise the future will never feel the same again.

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