BICYCLES, TRAINS AND BEING ON TIME – A Conversation about Working Lives

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Host: The Southbank Centre London Literature Festival
Location: St Paul’s Roof Pavilion at Royal Festival Hall
Speaker: Joanna Biggs, Jon Day and Simon Bradley

The average person works 100,000 hours in their lifetime, but what does it all add up to?

From railway engineers and bicycle couriers to directors of the Royal Opera House, the fabric of daily life is held together by the service and devotion of mainly unseen workers.

Hear authors and experts shed light on the toil and travails of a vast range of working lives, and the rail networks that carry us to our places of employment. Who are the people that make the nation tick and what are their stories?

Join the conversation with Joanna Biggs, the author of All Day Long: A Portrait of Britain at Work, Jon Day author of Cyclogeography – Journeys of a London Bicycle Courier and Simon Bradley, author of The Railways: Nation, Network and People.

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