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Host: The School of Life
Location: 70 Marchmont Street, London, WC1N 1AB
Speaker: Deborah Levy

Leading writers, economists, historians, philosophers, psychologists, artists and other thinkers offer provocation, inspiration and consolation in the form of advice for living better.

Speakers for this strand have been invited by The School of Life to present their own material. Session formats will vary depending on the subject. Groups are limited to 35 people. 

Deborah Levy is a Booker prize nominated novelist and playwright highly praised for her swift prose and stylistic courage. She will lead a discussion inspired by some of the key memories, emotions, politics and motivations that have shaped her approach to writing, with reference to the insights and provocations that deep thinkers such as Marguerite Duras, Freud and Nietzsche offer for finding a fearless voice to articulate what it is that matters to us in the everyday of our lives.

In her autobiographical essay, 'Things I Don't Want To Know' Deborah Levy reflects from a female point of view on Orwell's famous list of motives for writing; political purpose, historical impulse, sheer egoism, aesthetic enthusiasm. As she states in the essay; "To become a writer I had to learn to interrupt, to speak up, to speak a little louder, and then louder, and then to just speak in my own voice which is not loud at all."

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