How to Survive as an Artist

This event has already taken place.

Host: The Idler Academy
Location: The Idler Academy, Westbourne Park Road
Speaker: Alex Williams

Ever wondered where artists get their inspiration? How they survive? How they fit in – or don’t fit in – with contemporary movements? How on earth they make a living? 

In this revealing picture slideshow, Formative Influences, Alex Williams traces the early influences on his work, from the serene river banks and country cottages of East Anglia where he grew up to the explosion of pop art which greeted him as a first-year student at St Martins in the early 1960s

Alex’s talk coincides with the publication of his biography, The Survival of an Artist, by Liz Hodgkinson, published by Quartet Books. Their previous success was Outsider, the best-selling autobiography of art critic Brian Sewell. Alex will sign copies at the event.

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