how to: Travel and Explore A Literary Travel Evening

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Host: how to: Academy and Globalista
Location: The Tabernacle 35 Powis Square, off Portobello Road London W11 2AY
Speaker: Philip Marsden, Andrew Robinson, Isabella Tree, Jonathan Keates, Justin Marozzi, Katherine Rundell

In partnership with Globalista, the first of an ongoing series at the Tabernacle. The Sense of Place will introduce travel writers, historians and explorers who will report for us on a rich medley of places and cultures.
Jonathan Keates on Lisbon
A proflic celebrant of cities, composers and the joys of Italy, Jonathan Keates gives us his shrewdly affectionate take on the Atlantic city by the sea, whose reticent secrecy so few of us have penetrated.
Isabella Tree on Nepal and the Living Goddess
In a small medieval palace on Kathmandu’s Durbar Square lives Nepal’s famous Living Goddess – a child chosen from the Buddhist caste of goldsmiths whose role is to watch over the country and protect its people. Using myth, religion, history and her unprecedented access to the priests, caretakers and former Living Goddesses, Isabella Tree takes us into this hidden world.
Justin Marozzi on Baghdad
‘Defiance and nostalgia are set in every stone,’ writes Justin Marozzi of one of the great historic metropolises of the Middle East, a city he has come to know slowly, by learning the language, forming friendships and imbibing the Arab historians of the past. Marozzi will give us the benefit of the insights that went into his recent biography of a city, Baghdad, City of Peace, City of Blood.
Philip Marsden on Ritual Landscape in Cornwall
A different take altogether – on the unexplored place that is home, by the author of books about Ethiopia, Russia and Armenia. Philip Marsden will pay tribute to Cornwall, its tors, stonescapes and the strange white landscape of china-clay country.
Andrew Robinson on India
Andrew Robinson has been intimately engaged with the subcontinent for almost four decades. In his India: A Short History he offered a distillation of India’s uniquely diverse history, from the advanced cities of the early Indus Valley to India’s current incarnation as the world’s largest democracy – known for its extremes of wealth and poverty and for its spirituality.
Katherine Rundell on the Amazonian Rain Forest
Acclaimed children’s novelist, associate editor of the nature writing journal Archipelago and tightrope walker, Katherine Rundell will talk about the Amazonian Rain Forest, the subject of her new book. 

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