Ian Nairn

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Host: May Festival of Ideas 2014
Location: Watershed 1 Canons Road Harbourside Bristol BS1 5TX
Speaker: Owen Hatherley, Gillian Darley and others

One of the greatest writers on architecture and places, Ian Nairn led debate through the 1950s to the 1970s with the publication of Outrage, Nairn's London and many television programmes. Following a screening of some of his TV programmes there will be a panel discussion on Nairn's work and legacy. Panellists include Gillian Darley (co-author of Nairn's biography), Mayor George Ferguson (who inspired by Nairn, helped stop the development of the Avon Gorge), John Grindrod (author of Concretopia, a personal study of postwar building) and Owen Hatherley (architectural writer and editor of Nairn's Towns).

The following films will be shown:
Nairn's Journeys – Finding Follies (1978): episode: 'Twixt London and Bristol
Nairn Across Britain – London to Lancashire
Nairn's Journeys: Orient Express
Nairn's Journeys: Football Towns Huddersfield and Halifax
Ian Nairn, The Pacemakers No.19 (on Pimlico) 

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13:00 Introduction to the session – Andrew Kelly
13:05 Nairn's films – Gillian Darley
13:10 Film: The Pacemakers
13:25 Film: Finding Follies
13:55 Film: Orient Express
14:30 Break
14:50 Film: Huddersfield & Halifax
15:25 Panel: Gillian Darley (co-author of Nairn's biography); Mayor George Ferguson, who inspired by Nairn helped stop the development of the Avon Gorge; John Grindrod, author of Concretopia, a personal study of postwar building; and Owen Hatherley, architectural writer and editor of Nairn's Towns.
16:25 Break
16:35 Film: London to Lancashire
17:10 Finish 

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