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Host: The School of Life
Location: Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL
Speaker: Stephen Cave

Sermons are given every Sunday that promise everlasting life for the righteous. But in this secular sermon, philosopher Stephen Cave will explain why the wise would rather be mortal.


We’re all afraid of the Reaper — and we’re all pursuing strategies to deny, defy or defeat him. Whether we hope to quaff the elixir of life, to rise again, to live on as a spirit or through leaving a legacy, we’re all following one of four paths that promise a route to life everlasting. Our striving for eternity shapes everything from our choice of breakfast to the clash of civilisations.

But Cave argues that the pursuit of immortality leads us astray: it promotes division and extremism, diverts us from present problems, and cultivates a self-centred worldview. He wants to show us why the quest to live forever makes sinners of us all. But he will also present us with an alternative. Drawing from ancient philosophy and modern science, he will show us how coming to terms with mortality will make us happier, wiser and better people. 

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