Lecture – Pilgrims of the Air

This event has already taken place.

Host: Belfast Naturalists' Field Club
Location: Ulster Museum, Stranmillis Road, Belfast
Speaker: John Wilson Foster

John Wilson Foster lectures on his masterful narrative Pilgrims of the Air (Notting Hill Editions-2014)- both  a cautionary tale and superb history writing. This is an astute lament for the loss of an older, more noble America and, with it, a creature of great beauty.


"John Wilson Foster’s new book is a gem in every sense: small but perfect in the hand, elegantly written and full of evocative, deeply researched interest, both in the bird and American social history. Roaming in millions across the virgin forests of North America, sometimes blotting out the sky, the passenger pigeon belonged to a land – and its rivers and ocean – of an early and now seemingly incredible wild abundance, fatally eroded by servicing the spread of humankind." –  Michael Viney Irish Times

For information: http://www.bnfc.org.uk/BNFC/Programme.html

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