Nature Matters: A Sense of Scale

This event has already taken place.

Host: Stamford Arts Centre
Location: Stamford Arts Centre, Stamford, Lincolnshire
Speaker: Richard Mabey, Tim Dee

Our sixth annual event, Nature Matters: A Sense of Scale, will take place in the beautiful Lincolnshire town of Stamford from Thursday 13th to Saturday 15th November 2014.

From local to global, micro to macro, amateur to professional, short- to long-term, historic to contemporary, we hope to bring alive a sense of how the extraordinary diversity of nature is echoed in the ways in which a broad alliance of creators (including poets, authors, scientists, film makers, visual artists, environmentalists, musicians and composers) has responded to the nature that surrounds them.

As always, there will be plenty of space for conversation, for networking, and for sharing experience with others on how we celebrate and defend nature. In 2014 the meeting will start, as usual with an ‘In conversation’ event on Thursday evening, but the symposium will last a little longer than usual, running through to mid-afternoon on Saturday. We will be at the Stamford Arts Centre theatre throughout.

During the day organic coffee, cakes and lunch will be provided and we will repair to local pubs on Friday night. As usual, we will have books for sale from many of the authors who are speaking and attending.

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