Religion and Atheism: Beyond the Divide

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Host: Bristol Festival of Ideas
Location: At-Bristol, Anchor Road, Bristol BS1 5DB, Tel: 0117 915 1000
Speaker: John Cottingham, Lois Lee, Raymond Tallis and Julian Baggini (chair)

Arguments between those who hold religious beliefs and those who do not have been at fever pitch. They have also reached an impasse, with equally entrenched views held by believer and atheist – and even agnostic – alike. How can we move beyond this deadlock?

Julian Baggini, John Cottingham, Lois Lee and Raymond Tallis address major areas that cut across the debate between the two sides: the origin of knowledge, objectivity and meaning; moral values and the nature of the human person and the good life; and the challenge of how to promote honest and fruitful dialogue in the light of the wide diversity of beliefs, religious and otherwise.


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