Sharper Cities: How Technology is Shaping the Cities of the Future

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Host: Intelligence Squared
Location: RIBA, 66 Portland Place London W1B 1AD UK
Speaker: Marcelo Ebard, Adam Newton, Sunand Prasad, Rick Robinson

City life… Crowds, jams, roadworks, crumbling infrastructure, crime, epidemics, sink-schools, endless commutes. These are all set to get worse, with over 75% of people in the developed world expected to be city dwellers by 2050. Is this the future: London engulfing everything from Southampton to Colchester, the whole of the South-East of England becoming a hellish urban sprawl?

It doesn’t have to be so. Enter Smarter Cities. Computer models that predict the likely location of a crime and focus police resources to prevent it; intelligent traffic lights and parking systems that dramatically reduce congestion; all the information you need in an emergency when and where you need it – if a flood occurs an alert is sent out to emergency services, hospitals and traffic planners to coordinate the response. It’s all about the intelligent integration of data, technology, communications and good government.

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