The Second World War

This event has already taken place.

Host: Chalke Valley History Festival
Location: Ebbesborne Wake, Wiltshire SP5 5JH
Speaker: Antony Beevor, James Holland

Antony Beevor has now completed a monumental single-volume history of the Second World War and at this year’s Festival will be presenting, in conversation with fellow historian James Holland, some of his thoughts and findings on this most catastrophic of wars – a war that has continued to dominate succeeding generations like no other.

Despite the plethora of books, films and television programmes on the subject, he argues that our knowledge of the subject is still largely fragmentary and often misleading. Key to his new work is the understanding that this war was truly global. For too long we have tended to look at a number of key moments – mostly close to home – in isolation. In The Second World War, Antony Beevor recognises that these need to be connected if we are to begin to understand the complexities and many strands of this vast conflict.

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