The UK in the EU Single Market: What Next? Opportunities and challenges

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Host: LSE European Institute
Location: Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building, Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE
Speaker: Michel Barnier

The single market or "common market" as more frequently referred to in the UK is probably the one bit of the European Union most British politicians seem to agree is a good thing. The UK government's own estimates are that the single market benefits the UK between £31 billion and £92 billion per year, i.e. £1300 and £3500 for each UK household per year. 3.5 million UK jobs are linked to the Single Market, 1 in every 10. British politicians and businesses call regularly for a deeper single market.
But what exactly makes up the "single" / "common" / "internal market"?

Michel Barnier is the European Commissioner responsible for the Internal Market and Services and will give his views on: how the single market for goods and services actually works, its strengths and weaknesses, the new opportunities and challenges facing the single market in the digital age, but also how recent developments creating a closer economic and monetary union within the Euro area will interact with the wider single market, in particular for financial services; and on the role for the City and UK in all this.

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