Uncharted Territory: Progress for a New Era

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Host: HowTheLightGetsIn
Location: Hay-on-Wye
Speaker: Giles Fraser, Hilary Rose, Bjorn Lomborg, Ziauddin Sardar, Jonathan Derbyshire

For centuries in the West we've looked forward to political, economic, and ethical advance. We've seen ourselves as on the upward curve of history. But the future looks uncertain, our values precarious. Do we need a new notion of progress and if so what would it be?

Giles Fraser, St. Paul's Canon until his recent resignation and former Oxford philosopher, debates the nature of progress with skeptical environmentalist Bjørn Lomborg, eminent feminist sociologist of science, Hilary Rose, and 'Britain's own Muslim polymath' (Prospect) Ziauddin Sardar.

HowTheLightGetsIn is a festival of Music and Philosophy that takes place at Hay.

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