Who’s the Greatest Briton?

This event has already taken place.

Host: Chalke Valley History Festival
Location: Ebbesborne Wake, Wiltshire SP5 5JH
Speaker: Ian Hislop, Ashley Jackson, Mary Ann Sieghart, Anna Whitelock, Michael Wood

The British public have spoken. After a nationwide poll, five Britons have emerged with the most votes as the Greatest Briton, and demonstrate what an incredibly broad knowledge of our Island history we have. The five chosen are Alfred the Great, Winston Churchill, Charles Darwin, Elizabeth I & William Shakespeare. In what will be a hugely entertaining and hotly debated event, each of these five will be championed, and then the audience will have a chance to vote for who should be crowned as the Greatest Briton.

Ian Hislop will be championing Shakespeare and Michael Wood speaking up for Alfred the Great. Meanwhile, Tudor authority and regular historical commentator Anna Whitelock will be flying the banner for Elizabeth I. Championing Churchill is Ashley Jackson, his most recent biographer and a senior academic at the Joint Services and Combined Staff College.

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