Will Self on Guy Debord

This event has already taken place.

Host: London Review Bookshop
Location: 14 Bury Place, London, WC1A 2JL
Speaker: Will Self Patrick Keiller Matthew Beaumont (chair)

Will Self will be at the London Review Bookshop to discuss the work of Guy Debord, and in particular The Society of the Spectacle, for the new Notting Hill edition of which he has written an introduction.

‘Never before’, he writes, ‘has Debord’s work seemed quite as relevant as it does now, in the permanent present that he so accurately foretold. Open it, read it, be amazed …’

Will Self will be in discussion with film-maker and author of The View from the Train, Patrick Keiller, and UCL's Matthew Beaumont will be in the chair. 

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