Writers on Truth, Lies and Fiction chaired by Iain Sinclair

This event has already taken place.

Host: Waterstone's Oxford
Location: William Baker House, Broad Street, Oxford, OX1 3AF
Speaker: Joanna Kavenna, Benjamin Markovits and Gabriel Josipovci

We are delighted to welcome a truly world-class panel of writers to Waterstones, Oxford to discuss one of the most hotly debated issues in the arts today: reality v's fiction lies at the heart of the current literary debate.

We live in a world of docu-drama, the 'real life' story. Works of art, novels, films, are frequently bolstered by reference to the autobiography of the creator, or to underlying 'fact'. Where does that leave the imagination? And who gets to define that parameters of 'reality' and 'fiction' anyway?

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