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Founded in 2011, Notting Hill Editions is an independent British publisher of beautiful and collectable books for the curious reader.

Happy Half Hours by AA Milne, introduced by Frank Cottrell-Boyce. A copy of the book on a white background.

Happy Half-Hours: Selected Writings of A. A. Milne

by A. A. Milne

Introduced by Waterstones Children’s Laureate 2024-2026, Frank Cottrell-Boyce, this is a delightful selection of articles by the ever-popular A. A. Milne, many of which haven’t been in print for decades.

A copy of Confessions of a Heretic by Sir Roger Scruton on a white background

Confessions of a Heretic (revised edition)

by Roger Scruton

‘One senses in Scruton the mark of the true thinker, a deep sincerity and conviction.’
Alain de Botton

A copy of Smoke by John Berger and Selcuk Demirel on a white background


by John Berger Selçuk Demirel

Smoke, then, really is a gift, only not one that you merely purchase – Berger always hated the idea of art as commodity. Instead, and against all cynicism, it’s something passed between Berger, Benjamin, Demirel, and the reader, who together form a smoking circle wherein a story might be told.’
Art in America

Writers’ Picks

Roger Scruton

Roger Scruton’s
Top Three

The Mystery of Being Human: God, Freedom and the NHS by Raymond Tallis
Damian Barr

Damian Barr’s
Top Three

All That Is Worth Remembering by William Hazlitt
Drawn From Life: Selected Essays of Michel de Montaigne by Michel de Montaigne
Margaret Drabble

Margaret Drabble’s
Top Three

Drawn From Life: Selected Essays of Michel de Montaigne by Michel de Montaigne
Triptych: Three Studies after Francis Bacon by Jonathan Littell
Amanda Ross

Amanda Ross’
Top Three

Five Ways of Being a Painting and other Essays by William Max Nelson