Kirsty Gunn

Kirsty Gunn is the recipient of several awards and prizes including the Scottish Arts Council Bursary for Literature, the New York Times Notable Book award, and the Sundial Scottish Arts Council Book of the Year. She is Professor of Writing Practice and Study at the University of Dundee.
Kirsty Gunn is a novelist and writer of short stories. Her stories include “Rain”, which led to the film of the same name, directed by Christine Jeffs. Her novel “The Boy and the Sea” won the Scottish Arts Council Book of the Year award in 2007.

REVIEWS OF My Katherine Mansfield Project
‘It amalgamates memory and fiction and research and journal so sensitively and in such an original way that I came away feeling Gunn had escaped all the old hackneyed ways of writing about influence and created something wholly her own… It really lives. All of it.’
– John Carey, chief book reviewer for The Sunday Times

‘A beautiful and mood-provoking book….the writing went into my consciousness and I felt the loneliness, the sadness, the love and identification with Katherine Mansfield….It was beautiful.’ – Jane Campion

‘Its unique form makes this readable book particularly resonant. Neither about Mansfield nor Gunn or their writing or their lives, what can only be called the hovering form of the book becomes its uniqueness. The form is complex and wonderful.’ – Linda E Chown, Katherine Mansfield Society Newsletter, August 2016