Six to Eight Black Men (collected in Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim, 2004, and in Holidays on Ice, 1997 and 2008)


by David Sedaris (1956 - 0)

America’s most popular living essayist, Sedaris begins this hilarious piece on cultural idiosyncrasies with the small-talk he makes in new places.

One of his regular openers is ‘When do you open your Christmas presents?’, and in the Netherlands this once led him to hear the whole tale of their Saint Nicholas, said to arrive at children’s houses accompanied by ‘six to eight black men’. The essay’s charm lies in Sedaris’ mockery of his own culture’s candy-flossed Christmas traditions while boggling at the bizarre Dutch story, and in how the ending neatly juxtaposes real American violence with the imaginary Dutch variety.

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Origin: United States

Themes: Through Alien Eyes, America

Genres: Familiar or Personal, Humorous

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