Bi-weekly Riddles from Lewis Carroll’s Guide for Insomniacs:

8th February 2024

‘I believe that an hour of calculation is much better for me than half-an-hour of worry.’

Here are two puzzles for you to attempt while lying awake at night.

1  ‘Flit on, cheering angel.’ Who is she?


A stick I found that weighed two pound:
I sawed it up one day
In pieces eight of equal weight!
How much did each piece weigh?
(Everybody says ‘a quarter of a pound’, which is wrong.)

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    Omnibuses start from a certain point, both ways, every 15 minutes. A traveller, starting on foot along with one of them, meets one in 12½ minutes: when will he be overtaken by one?


    Three sisters at breakfast
    were feeding the cat,
    The first gave it sole
    —Puss was grateful for that:
    The next gave it salmon
    —which Puss thought a treat:
    The third gave it herring
    —which Puss wouldn’t eat.
    (Explain the conduct of the cat.)